All new employees must read, understand and follow the safe work practices listed:

  1. All employees must learn and practice the safe way of accomplishing all tasks.
  2. Employee must obey all safety rules and regulations.
  3. Suitable clothing and footwear will be worn at all times. Personal protective equipment (e.g. hardhats and eye protection) will be worn where needed.
  4. All injuries, accidents, and any workplace hazards must be reported immediately to the foreman.
  5. The use of drugs and alcohol is forbidden on the job. Employees are subject to random drug tests following initial drug and alcohol screening.
  6. Employees must understand their work assignments and make certain they are fully qualified to do the job.
  7. Horseplay, scuffling and other acts which tend to have adverse affects are prohibited.
  8. Employees must use proper body mechanics at all times (not overly bending or twisting body parts and when lifting use the leg muscles, not the weaker back muscles, while keeping as close to the load as possible)
  9. Machinery and equipment shall be operated and/or repaired by qualified employees only.
  10. Employees must keep work areas clean and free of debris and other tripping hazards.
  11. Employees must know where emergency equipment is located (e.g. fire extinguisher and first aid supplies) and report its use for replenishing.
  12. Employees must use all safeguards provided.
  13. Any damage to scaffolds, false work or other supporting structures must be repaired or reported promptly to the foreman.
  14. Employees operating or feeding power to other machines, subject to kickback hazards, are prohibited from standing in line with stock being fed into such machines provided with safety devises to prevent kickbacks.
  15. Employees are prohibited from standing under loads, units of structural steel or sheet metal being moved.
  16. All employees are prohibited from riding hooks, slings, and lines. Cradles, skips or any other riggings, except where lifting of employees by such devises will eliminate a greater hazard.
  17. Employees are prohibited from riding as passengers on forklifts.
  18. Work shall not be carried on outdoors during periods of high wind and storms of sufficient violence to endanger workmen.
  19. Should sudden and unforeseen danger occur, all work subject to such danger shall stop, employees shall seek a place of safety until the danger has past.
  20. Employees must not throw material, tools, or other objects from buildings or structures until proper precautions are taken to protect others from the falling object hazard.
  21. Any personnel who violate safety rules will first receive a documented verbal warning for the first infraction. A second infraction will result in a written reprimand that will be kept in the personnel Files. A third infraction will result in suspension or termination. This rule will remain in effect for a period of 90 days and will carry over from job to job. After 90 days, a re-evaluation of infractions will take place.
  • Drug and Alcohol abuse and distribution are serious problems in both society and the workplace. Such abuse and distribution in the workplace endangers the health and safety of co-workers and customers, as well as that of the abuser.

  • To help promote a safe work environment, IronClad Metals Inc. has adopted a zero tolerance policy for such abuse or distribution within the workplace. One expression of this policy is to prohibit all employees from the manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance or alcohol in any workplace.

  • If an employee violates the Drug and Alcohol free workplace policy the resulting disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, dismissal, suspension without pay, reductions in pay, and or reductions in employment status.

  • Any current employee reasonably suspected of drug and/or alcohol on site use or impairment, as well as all employees working on IronClad jobsites will be subject to random weekly drug and/or alcohol tests. Refusal to take such a test will be grounds for disciplinary actions including possible dismissal. Any employee who tests positive may request a second confirmation test at any time within 14 days of the first test. A positive test result on the second test will result in automatic termination.

  • All records, correspondence and test results will be kept confidential and only disseminated to officers or supervisors who have a legitimate need to know. Records will be available to agencies with a legal or contractual right to know.

  • In addition to employer penalties, The Federal government impose substantial penalties upon the drug dealer and/or abuser. Federal penalties for possession of illegal drugs include:
    • 1st. conviction: Up to 1 year imprisonment and fined at least $1,000.00 but not more than $100,000.00, or both.
    • After 1 prior conviction: At least 15 days in prison, not to exceed 3 years and fined at least $2,500 but not more than $250,00, or both. After 2 or more prior drug convictions: At least 90 days in prison, not to exceed 3 years and fined at least $5,000, but not more than $250,000, or both. Forfeiture of vehicles, boats, aircraft or any other conveyance used to transport or conceal a controlled substance.

  • It is the policy of IronClad Metals Inc. that accident illness prevention shall be considered of primary importance in all phases of operation and administration.

TAG OUT PROCEDURE: Place red tag (available from foreman) and any faulty or dangerous piece of equipment for repair.

CORRECTING HAZARDS: Any hazard must be reported immediately to a supervisor. All hazards must be abated or clearly marked with a proper warning device as soon as discovered.

IMMINENT HAZARDS: All work must stop in any effected area until imminent hazard has been abated.

Employee Participation

  • IronClad Metals Inc. is dedicated to involving its employees in a successful program that most embody proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention on the part of supervisors and employees.

  • Employees are responsible for wholehearted, genuine operation of all aspects of the safety health program (including compliance with all rules and regulations) and for continuously practicing safety and health manners.

  • Employees are required to participate in safe and healthful work practices in order to maintain a system for communicating on occupational safety and health matters.
  • Employee’s participation will establish compliance with all safety rules and regulations along with communications in occupational safety and health matters through quarterly safety seminars, weekly tail gate safety meetings on the worksite, a hazard communication program, tagout procedures for dangerous equipment, and reports on any new workplace hazards (documented on the Job Hazard Analysis Form).

  • The quarterly safety seminars will include a review of all safety documents, safety suggestions and assurance of compliance with all regulatory laws.

  • IRONCLAD METALS INC. safety activity encourages all employees to report all workplace hazards without fear of discipline or discharge. Forms shall be made available to all employees in a manner in which they will be able to report workplace hazards anonymously in an employee safety suggestion box.


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Working for Ironclad

  • It is the intent of IronClad Medals Inc. that all employees receive quarterly safety and health training to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the materials and equipment they are working with. This training will also be provided as initial safety training to all new employees, job specific training, whenever new products, procedures or equipment are introduced to the workplace and whenever a previously unrecognized hazard is identified.

  • Employees will receive on-the-job training from supervisors that will include instructions on the safe use and operation of equipment, accident reporting procedures, worksite and all other safe work practices. In addition, other work related education is provided in the form of written instructions for the safe operation of equipment. All training will be documented by the Superintendent or the Safety Supervisor. Records will be kept in the Main Office. Documentation of any training will identify employee, date of training, type(s) of training and training providers.

  • Employees have access to our Hazard Communication Program and the Material Safety Data Sheets when hazardous chemicals are to be used or at the request of any employee.



All IRONCLAD Metals Employees that operate any equipment must be certified competent to operate each individual type of equipment the employee is to work with. An equipment certification request form must be filled out by the superintendent, and sent to the Safety Supervisor.   Safety Supervisor will train all employees and issue the certification

A safety certification will be issued stating which type of equipment the employee has been verified to operate. The certificate must be signed by the Safety Supervisor and a copy placed in each qualified employees file.